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Investments in the UAE: how to start a business quickly, safely and legally

Any foreign company or foreign citizen who wants to open a business in the UAE is entitled to do so, provided that a local resident owns a share in this business. According to the law, it is the local resident who is responsible for the administrative part of the company's work, creating safe working conditions for employees, paying them salaries, issuing licenses, obtaining visas, etc. Where can you find such person?

Agree that registering a share in the company for the first citizen that comes across is too risky. Another thing is to contact me. My name is Irina, I am the very person with whom you can conclude a partnership agreement; I speak an understandable language, I don’t speak “bukra inshala”, in general, “my own understandable”. I was born in Almaty (Kazakhstan), I have a higher education, I speak Russian, English and Arabic, I am married to an Arab. For more than 25 years I have been cooperating with foreign (CIS countries) companies efficiently, safely and legally.

1. My paid service (every year), is that, I am a nominal local partner (LLC), a local agent in companies with a foreign investor. I am a UAE citizen (passport and citizenship). You have the right to create any business in the UAE, but only after you find a local partner. Today, businessmen from such countries as Germany, Poland, France, Israel, etc. cooperate with me (negotiable price,service price from 1000€)

2. I open a package of documents for a new company, visas for investors and employees, I also open bank accounts for the companies (on the territory of FREE ZONE) (negotiable price,service price from 1000€)

3. I open a package of documents for new companies, visas for investors and employees, I also open bank accounts for the companies (in the UAE) (negotiable price,service price from 1000€)

4. Quickly, simply, clearly, I help find a way out of a difficult situation, and the client independently, through the knowledge gained, has the opportunity to reach a new level of development in his business. Individual approach to each client, analytics, marking errors, correcting errors and reaching the next level. Easy, joyful, exciting, informative, “work-play” on serious issues and enjoy the results! I use various “practice techniques”, tested and confirmed by experience (paid service)

Working with me, you will be sure that your business is conducted legally. With me, you will get a partner who is always ready to help you with any administrative issues. I am ready to explain to you not only the legal aspects, but also the peculiarities of the Arabs mentality.

PS: all my services are paid, I attach payment receipts (government agency) to the report, I do everything quickly and efficiently. By special agreement, I give power of attorney to the partner for independent business management.

If you have any questions, you can ask ... WhatsApp button below. Thank you!!! Me and my consultants are ready to cooperate with you!

Welcome to DUBAI!!!

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It depends on where you plan to do business - on the territory of the Free Zone or on the territory of the UAE?

How many shareholders will there be? How many visas will you receive? Based on our experience of opening companies in the UAE for a large number of entrepreneurs, we have created a Business Startup Cost Calculator so that you can get an answer to your first, main question: "what is the price of the question?"

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Our team offers services in the field of company formation in the free economic zone, the UAE. In addition, we offer a comprehensive service, in compliance with all requirements for organizing a business, opening commercial licenses and partner / work visas.

We help you, the entrepreneur, build your business so that you can secure long-term growth and success while avoiding mistakes that can cost you time and money.



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