Investments in the UAE: how to start a business quickly, safely and legally

Any foreign company or a foreign citizen who wants to establish a business in the UAE has the right to do so, under the condition that the local resident will own a share in this business. According to the law, it is the local resident who is responsible for the administrative part of the company's work, including paying taxes, creating safe working conditions for employees, paying their salaries, issuing licenses, obtaining visas, etc. Where can you find such a person?

Agree, to register a share in the company on the first citizen who comes across is too risky. It's another matter to contact me. My name is Irina, I am the person with whom you can enter into a partnership agreement. I was born in the USSR, have a higher education, speak Russian, English and Arabic, and am married to an Arab. For more than 25 years, I have been helping foreign companies effectively, safely and legally develop their business in a country that has become my second home.

My help to entrepreneurs is that I advise them, as well as put my signature on important legal documents. I repeat: you have the right to create any business in the UAE, but only after you find a local partner. With my help, you will open a company and be able, for example, to file a claim in court. Today, I work with merchants from countries such as Germany, Poland, France, Israel, etc.

Working with me, you will be sure that your business is conducted legally. In my person, you will get a partner who is always ready to come to your aid to solve any administrative issues. I am ready to explain to you not only the legal aspects, but also the peculiarities of the Arab mentality.

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